Alleluia…They Are Talking!!

Hi Everyone! It’s Keri here! You know, the pelvic physio with the infinite quest to save the world…one pelvis at a time!! I love talking pelvic health…ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I can silence a room in seconds! People want to pretend that they are embarrassed but I know the truth! They are actually CURIOUS! And they listen…they really listen! So I have mastered the art of getting them to listen but what I really want, I mean REALLY TRULY want, is people to TALK…not just listen!

If you have seen me as a patient, you will have heard me say at the end of your initial assessment (usually because you asked me “why did I not know about you and pelvic physio sooner”?), “here’s how you can help…I challenge you to discuss today’s visit with ONE person…your partner, your co-worker…heck the lady behind you in the Zehrs line up (you likely will never see her again…so go for it”)! Why?? Because we can’t know about it, if we don’t talk about it!!

Here’s to a fab woman who took it to the next level…she BLOGGED about it! This is epic as she took my challenge and put it TOP SHELF (so fire)! Thanks Meag! So please read this…seriously…and then…pass it on! You’ve been challenged!


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