Yes they did!!!

A Body In Motion is celebrating a fantastic NBA win for the Toronto Raptors! In many of the player interviews last night there was a resounding message…hard work and never give up! Two of our faves here at the clinic! Congratulations to a team that never gave up! Happy Weekend everyone! #wethenorth

Take The Leap!

Have you been putting physiotherapy off? Have you been dealing with a nagging pain waiting for it to get better on its own? Are you continually looking at the race date and knowing that you should start training but just do not have the motivation? Are you missing out on social activities because your body …

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As the end of February approaches, ABIM’s Love to Share the Love Campaign will come to a close!! To those who have so generously donated…thank you…from the bottom of our hearts! We are incredibly excited to be able to give back to our community and provide some assistance to the Forest Heights Collegiate Institute’s English …

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Healing Takes Time!

In a world where instant gratification reigns, it is important to remember that Amazon does not deliver new body parts in 48 hours…with free shipping! Understanding the phases of healing, which apply to all body parts, can make the process more tolerable! Happy Tuesday everyone! Time to Talk About Healing, It’s a Process

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