People Are Talking…Yes!

This was an incredible post by a patient following CBC radio’s story on the importance of pelvic health! Thank you Shannon for not only your incredibly kind words…but for having the courage to “stop whispering and start talking”! Thank you for starting and for continuing the conversation and sharing your experience. The more we share …

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Who’s Ready For It?

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday people and it’s time for the Friday drive home…yaaaaahhh! Time to put it in gear and leave the stress of the work week behind! Now you could listen to the radio OR you could learn everything you have ever wanted to know about…wait for it…pelvic health! Yes that’s right! Find the …

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A Little Friday Jingle!

Make the health of your pelvic floor something that you just cannot forget…just like this jingle…that never ever leaves your head!! Happy Friday everyone!! Here’s to a fabulous weekend ahead!!

Take It From Someone Who Knows…Who REALLY Knows!

There is no better tale than that of a woman who knows first hand! Meet Stacey…wife extraordinaire, mom of 2 beauties, athletic therapist, and the creator of @fitfiercehealth! Stacey’s goal…”to help women design their life, to achieve the body they want, the mindfulness they crave and the self compassion they deserve”! Stacey believes that self …

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Let’s Talk All Things Pelvic…Podcast Style!

Today on “The Here For Her” Podcast, our Pelvic Physio Keri talks with Alex and Nat about all things pelvic!! What it is, the treatment involved, men’s and women’s pelvic health, the importance of education, bedwetting and pediatric pelvic physiotherapy, endometriosis, pregnancy preparation, the role of the central nervous system and SOOOO much more!! Tune …

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