A very heartfelt thank-you!As we maneuver... photo

A very heartfelt thank-you!

As we maneuver through staff summer holidays and an injured staff member, we are working hard as a team to offer coverage for all physiotherapy appointments so that your treatment plan remains the same! Because your healing remains our number one priority, all of us have offered to be available to cover shifts, during a vacation, so that you can continue to come at a time of day that works best for you! Please know that we do work very closely with one another, keep fantastic chart notes and will ensure that your treatment continues just as your primary therapist has outlined! We do this in an effort to ensure continuity of care however, if you prefer to see only your primary therapist, we completely understand, and will have your appointments booked and ready for you when your therapist returns! Thank you to everyone for your understanding and your flexibility and most of all, your patience! It truly means the world to us!! 

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