Who’s Ready For It?

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday people and it’s time for the Friday drive home…yaaaaahhh! Time to put it in gear and leave the stress of the work week behind! Now you could listen to the radio OR you could learn everything you have ever wanted to know about…wait for it…pelvic health! Yes that’s right! Find the answers to all of your burning questions that for some ungodly reason, you are too embarrassed to ask!! Find out how our pelvic health physiotherapists are changing the world…one pelvis at a time! Sayin’ it like it is!! Real deal…NO embarrassment!

On Episode 6 of the Here For Her Podcast, Keri sits down with Nat and Alex and talks about those embarrassing pee leaks when you are skipping in your workout, getting ready to save your vagina during childbirth, and so many other pelvic issues that are NOT normal!! Time to let go of the belief that we come into the world peeing our pants and we leave doing the same thing!! No, no, no my friends…NOT normal!! So…grab a listen! Your pelvis will thank you! Happy Weekend!

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