Blow before you go! ?

Whaaaattt?!? What does this mean?! It’s not what you think it is… it’s actually what we should all be doing on exertion! ?️‍♀️

Related to any activity you do where effort is needed- lifting weights, squats, bending down to pick up a baby (yes babies can be heavy?)etc. the important thing you DON’T want to do, is hold your breath!?⠀Instead, what you want to do is exhale… “blow” and then get down into that squat, or lift your baby up…⠀

When you blow before you go into exertion, then you’re relieving your pressure system in the abdominal and core area from any extra pressure exerted on those core muscles, and pelvic floor muscles. This is super important to avoid in any activity you do – even pooping! No straining, no holding of the breath! It can cause pelvic floor dysfunction!⠀?

exhale/blow into your fist instead! ?

Go ahead and give this a try!⠀Comment or like if you had no idea that’s what this post was going to be about ??

Helena (@helenapelvicpt)

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