Hello friends!⁣

I am sure that you have all heard the news! Mask mandates have changed, and healthcare facilities are no longer mandated to enforce mandatory mask wearing. I would be lying if I did not say that this brings a slew of different emotions with it. After all, for the last two years, we have lived in a world where wearing a mask kept people safe and healthy. This was easy because a part of our mission statement at A Body In Motion has always been to provide you with a safe, healthy, and comfortable place to heal.⁣

And I am sure you are wondering…what is going to happen Monday morning at ABIM? I am here to let you know what you can expect and why!⁣

?our ABIM family will continue to wear masks for the time being. Our goal remains to keep each other, and all of you safe and healthy. As you are aware, as health care practitioners, we are required to work very close to you and we want to know that we are not compromising your health or the health of those around you.⁣

?we will continue to HIGHLY RECOMMEND that those who visit the clinic wear a mask. Masks will not be mandatory. We do welcome vulnerable populations into our clinics including pregnant mommas, newborn babies, children, the elderly and immunocompromised individuals. We want nothing more than to keep YOU safe as well as the people who are sharing space with you in the clinics. For this reason, we are going to ask that you consider wearing your mask for the short period of time you visit with us however, as mentioned, masks will be optional.⁣

?we will continue to ask that you self screen prior to coming to the clinics and that you choose not to visit if you are unwell.⁣

?we will continue to maintain strict cleaning protocols as we have always done.⁣

I understand that different people will have different feelings about the change in our protocol. As always, please practice kindness and please reach out should you have any questions or concerns, and I would be happy to chat! I can be reached at [email protected].⁣

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!⁣

Keri xo⁣

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