Concussions Know No Age Limits!

A concussion is an injury to the brain caused by either a blow to the head or body. A child’s developing brain is more at risk than an adult’s, so parents and caregivers need to know the signs of a concussion in children. The signs of a concussion may be obvious but they may also show in the way that a child acts or through their emotional responses. As well, the signs may not necessarily appear immediately after impact. It may take hours or even days to appear and this is why it is extremely important for parents to know what they are looking for and then seek the appropriate treatment. Our vestibular physiotherapists are trained to recognize the symptoms in all ages and to treat accordingly. If you think that your child is displaying the signs of a concussion, visit our website at www.abodyinmotion.ca to learn more about vestibular therapy and how we can help!

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