How Do I Prepare for My Virtual Appointment?

Participating in Telerehab is easier than you think! We provide you with all the information needed to set up and participate!

*Our platform works best with either Google Chrome or Safari Web Browsers so please ensure that you have one of these installed on the device that you will be using. Although phones are convenient, the video is often small and sometimes difficult to view, so although they will work, it may be more beneficial to use a laptop or a tablet.

*Our platform uses Zoom for Healthcare and you will receive an email confirming your appointment as well as a detail on how to log into your appointment.

*Please arrive to your appointment a few minutes early.

*Ensure that you have a space that is clear with room to move around.

*Ensure that your space is well-lit.

*You may be asked to move your camera angle throughout your session so that your therapist can observe different angles, movements or body parts.

*Ensure that you are in a quiet, distraction free environment.

*Please test your webcam and microphone beforehand.

*Following your appointment your therapist will summarize the goals and treatment plan you agree on, assist you with booking your follow-up sessions, and send you your homework

Please visit our website at to learn more about our telerehab program!

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