Is Neck Pain Weighing You Down?

“It’s not the load that breaks you down…it is the way that you carry it”! It would be safe to say that many of us are carrying a greater load these days and that load may significantly differ from one person to another. For some, the load will impact them physically while others may feel an emotional or mental component. Many will feel both.

A common response to stress, anxiety, and an increased load, is neck pain. While one cycles through the possible causes, neck pain can become debilitating. When our bodies enter an anxious state, our muscles go into both defensive and offensive modes. The muscles will tighten in an effort to become stronger to defend, and these tense muscles allow us to be better able to react. This is all enlightening if the stress that we are feeling is a result of heading into a sporting event or an important meeting, but what about the stress that comes from uncertainty and worry?

The world has been forever changed by COVID-19. For most of us, this is a completely new “load” and one that we have not had to carry in our lifetime. And for many, the uncertainty that has surfaced has brought our neck muscles into a state of tension, resulting in soreness, muscle pain, reduced mobility, and headaches. This may also result in pain radiating into the shoulders, and the upper back. Muscle tension left unmanaged may result in joint stiffness and more persistent pain. Suddenly sleep in impacted, concentration levels are diminished and managing the load becomes even more difficult.

As we move through stressful times, it is important that we take care of our bodies. Humanity will come out on the other side of this virus and both our physical and mental health will determine how we carry the load! So, let’s keep ourselves healthy! If you are suffering with neck pain, let us help you! Let’s do this together! Visit our website and get started today!

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