It’s Time, It’s Time!

The anticipation is mounting and we just cannot wait any longer!

We are incredibly excited to announce the grand opening of our newest clinic in the spring of 2020. The “A Body In Motion Pelvic Physiotherapy Centre”! This Centre will house a talented team of pelvic healthcare professionals who have undergone extensive training in this field. With several years of combined experience and ongoing continuing education, we have the expertise to provide the very best pelvic treatment.

The Centre will allow for more efficient, effective, innovative treatment and will structure a collective action towards patient’s care needs. It will allow for cooperation, communication, mutual trust, respect, and support among our team, allowing us to provide the very best care to all of our patients. Our team sees great value in working together as the common goal gives us a meaningful reason to collaborate.

ABIM’s Pelvic Physiotherapy Centre will offer an inclusive environment. Our aim of inclusion is to embrace all people irrespective of race, age, gender, disability, medical or other need. We will provide a safe and welcoming clinic where comfort, support and encouragement will play a key role in all of our treatments. Our treatment rooms will move away from that of a clinical setting to a more relaxed and warm atmosphere and will not require travel through a bustling clinic. You will most definitely belong here!

Stay tuned for details on the development of our newest home! Thank you to everyone for your continued trust and support in A Body In Motion Rehabilitation! For more information on our Pelvic Physiotherapy and Pediatric Pelvic Physiotherapy programs, please visit our website at .


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