People Are Talking…Yes!

This was an incredible post by a patient following CBC radio’s story on the importance of pelvic health! Thank you Shannon for not only your incredibly kind words…but for having the courage to “stop whispering and start talking”! Thank you for starting and for continuing the conversation and sharing your experience. The more we share and educate, the greater the comfort level in discussing and caring for such an incredibly important part of our bodies! Every conversation bring us one step closer to healing another person and changing lives! Thank you for being you Shannon!

“I cannot stress how important this is – for women that have hip pain, lower back issues, “mommy tummy” and other not-so-fun issues after babies. This should be mandatory post-natal care and our entire village, including GPs, midwives, OBs, other health practitioners, personal trainers, etc. should all learn about this if they care about women’s health. I’m just so grateful that Keri Martin Vrbanac entered into my life after 2 years of debilitating hip pain (post baby #1). Every momma needs an angel like Keri!”

In case you missed it…

#ABIM #pelvichealth #pelvicphysiotherapy #stopwhisperingstarttalking

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