Staying in touch…

Happy Thursday everyone!


I hope that this email finds you all safe, healthy and working diligently on your home exercise programs (wink, wink)! The ABIM team wants you to know that you are never far from our thoughts and we are spending our time in isolation educating ourselves and coming up with amazing new ways to enhance our treatments at ABIM! We are taking online courses, watching webinars and working to enhance our skills and knowledge so that we can bring this back to you when we are able to meet in person again!


I am currently working on developing a means to be able to provide online tele-rehab to those who may be interested. Tele-rehabilitation is a way to provide physiotherapy services at a distance, by way of technology such as video conferencing, as well as communicating by other means including telephone conversations. Personal health information is sensitive in nature and I am committed to ensuring that ABIM meets all of the requirements to ensure that you and your health information are protected. I am closely monitoring information provided by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, as well as those offering training to explore and utilize tele-rehabilitation. I am committed to educating myself on executing the best possible way to take care of all of you during these very difficult days.


As much as you need us, we need you to! You are all a very important part of our lives as well and we are missing our daily contact with you! We all chose a career aimed at caring for people and it is a difficult reality to know that in order to care for you…we cannot provide the hands-on care that we typically provide.


Moving forward, I will continue to update you on developments with tele-rehabilitation. Please do email us at [email protected] anytime, with any questions you may have.  The ABIM Team continues to be hopeful that we will see you soon! Until then, stay safe and healthy!


Be well!


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