Take It From Someone Who Knows…Who REALLY Knows!

There is no better tale than that of a woman who knows first hand! Meet Stacey…wife extraordinaire, mom of 2 beauties, athletic therapist, and the creator of @fitfiercehealth! Stacey’s goal…”to help women design their life, to achieve the body they want, the mindfulness they crave and the self compassion they deserve”! Stacey believes that self care is so incredibly important and her pelvic health was one area that she decided needed some “self-care”! Read on to hear about Stacey’s pelvic journey in today’s Guest Blog!


Do you like massages?

How about self-massages?

How about self-massages in your vagina?

Yup, that is what this tool is.

I have no doubt you have heard about pelvic floor health. If not, let me tell you a little about it. Your pelvic floor refers to all the muscles in your southern lady regions and the fact is, they are muscles like any other muscles and need some self-care (not the kind you are used to lol).

You may need to give some love to your pelvic floor if you:

  • Have had a baby or are having a baby
  • Pee while you do anything, sneeze, cough, run, jump etc.
  • Pain during sex
  • Constipation
  • Chronic pelvic pain

This is not an exhaustive list in any way.

If you are still reading and have not crawled under a rock form discomfort, good job, this shit is important!

Let me tell you how an appointment goes down. You walk into Keri’s office, she is wonderful and very welcoming. You sit and chat for a long time, she takes your history, and you probably laugh a bunch. Then it is time for your physical assessment (enter sinister music here).

You are likely feeling nervous, I get it. It can be uncomfortable to have someone else’s fingers in your vagina.  But honey, it is also uncomfortable to pee your pants in public, am I right?

Keri does the physical assessment, she is a total professional, you wrap up and walk away with a plan! Like a DETAILED plan. She gives you a bucket full of handouts because she is on a mission to teach you!

Of course, not everyone walks away with this beautiful tool I have here, it depends on what your issues are.  Those you are lucky enough to be a candidate for the wand may feel very uncomfortable with even the thought of doing this and that is cool. The alternative is to go see Keri each week for treatment. I however, am not uncomfortable, a body is a body and muscles are muscles. So this tool helps me to perform self-massage and get my pelvic floor back to optimal function!

If you are unsure about what is going on in your lady parts, if you are uncomfortable talking to your girlfriends about it, that is OK. Just make an appointment and get it checked out, it can’t hurt!


Stacey Majaury

Fit and Fierce Health




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