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My 84 year old mother has suffered for over 30 years with low back ache.  In late 2020 she did something that caused her so much pain she was taken to the hospital by ambulance.   She got no relief other then the temporary relief strong painkillers can provide.  It was recommended, by another physiotherapist, we visit ABIM and specifically see Marli.  Marli was patient, kind and truly cared about my Mom.  The entire staff were professional and welcoming.  The COVID measures the clinic has taken make you feel completely safe.  Not only did Marli and the team, including sweet funny Jennifer, enable my mother to start moving, walking, living….they cured the pain my mother has had for the last third of her life.    Thank you Keri for creating such a wonderful caring environment and for having the most amazing talent.  It’s wonderful to know there is goodness in the middle of all this bad.

From the very beginning, a relationship built on trust respect and professionalism was established and that is why I continued my weekly sessions with the amazing team at A Body In Motion. The environment is very positive and that begins with the genuine welcoming from the front desk and surrounding areas. 

A Body In Motion is a place where I not only receive the best therapy but, also a place where I continually seek current advice for my medical condition. I am completely satisfied and will continue to receive physical therapy from the best in the business! Thank you.

Sharon S

The care I have received at A Body in Motion is second to none. From the office staff, to the physiotherapists, everyone is focused on making you feel respected and supported throughout your recovery. The work of owner, Keri Martin-Vrbanac is truly incredible. As a patient I can say that I have never felt more comfortable, cared for or informed by a health care provider. Her detailed assessment, treatment plan and continuous follow up are the reason she has helped so many, including myself to be their best selves. Keri goes above and beyond to make sure you are not only helped but truly healed.

Rebecca P

Talk about exceeding my expectations. My physiotherapist Laura at Body in Motion has made such a huge difference in helping me with my lower back pain. It didn’t take me long to realize that she took my situation very seriously by asking me many key questions at our initial meeting about my pain issues, lifestyle, and expectations. She is not only a very talented physiotherapist but a great person and a caring person. I also have to say that everyone that I’ve dealt with at Body In Motion have created such a positive and friendly healing environment.

Gary L

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My family has been going to A Body In Motion for over 5 years now. Right from day one, we were welcomed and treated as family. The establishment is bright and clean and very welcoming down to having your name on chalk board to welcome you the first time you arrive! The staff is extremely kind and eager to help. There have been many times that an injury has come about and we have needed in as soon as possible. I have never been disappointed with the staff doing whatever it took to have us seen at the next available time that was open or even squeeze us in if it was a major injury. We have had our children there on many dance, track/volleyball related injuries or for ourselves for other injuries. They will do whatever it takes to help, even requesting x-rays if needed. 

The quality of the assessments from the staff is top notch. They go above and beyond to make sure they are doing all they can to help you get better. There will be no other clinic that my family will go to as we get the best service out there at A Body In Motion. My family thanks you for all that you do for us.

Tracy, Derek, Maddy and Makayla

I have been a long-time client at the Victoria St. With appointments 2 – 3 times a week for some of my injuries, I have had the opportunity to witness exactly how the clinic works. What a place!! Everyone who walks through the door experiences the incredibly warm atmosphere at the clinic – starting with a friendly greeting and professional, helpful service from the receptionist. It is evident that the physiotherapists truly care for their clients and are deeply skilled in the field of physiotherapy. I cannot emphasize enough the warmth and caring shown to every. single. individual. client. It is remarkable and truly makes A Body in Motion stand out from the rest.

Jane M

All I can say are great things about the staff and my experience at A Body in Motion. From the warm welcome, lovely chats, good laughs and just feeling like they genuinely care about you. I’ve had to use two services there, physiotherapy twice (for two separate injuries) and pelvic physiotherapy. I’ve been amazed at the results. Before ever trying physiotherapy, I was somewhat skeptical of whether or not treatments would work. But now, I tell people that it’s worth a try. 

I’ve fortunately have had no pain or re-occurrences from either injury, one being 3 years ago and the other almost a year. What I also appreciate about A Body in Motion is that they provide you with tools/handouts that I still have that I can refer back to if I need too. It’s a great place and environment and I highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of physiotherapy.

Tiffany Y

My son was struggling with night time wetting. He was seven years old and had never been able to make it through the night without wetting the bed. He was also having occasional accidents during the day and he was starting to notice that he was the only kid in his class this was happening to. He was also noticing that at overnight camp, he was the only one in a pull-up. 

We went to our GP, who said that it was normal for kids, boys especially, to struggle with this until they were 12 years old. It didn’t feel right though. Our naturopath recommended looking into pelvic physio – something I had never heard of. When we were connected with Keri we realized that our son’s behaviour was not “normal” and that there were ways to make it better. Keri made my son feel so comfortable with all the techniques she used to assess his situation, come up with a diagnosis and most importantly a plan to make things better!

The plan meant a bit of a lifestyle change, but we were up for the challenge – anything to make life easier. The beginning was tricky and there were some struggles. But the more we stuck to the plan, my son could see changes happening – he wasn’t “leaking” at school any more. He was starting to be able to feel when he needed to use the toilet (something none of us realized he struggled with until Keri assessed him). Eventually, with a lot of consistency and determination, our Little Rock star began having dry nights without a pull-up!

We are forever grateful to Keri for all of her enthusiasm in getting our little guy to where he is now. His confidence has soared and he is the happy little man we always knew he was!

Lisa B

Thank you for everything Keri, you have helped me tremendously. You are an amazing therapist and person. Thank you for being so personable, kind, informative, and for coaching me along the way to see progression and results. One of the best services I have received in the health care industry. Thank you!

Amy W

I have been to A Body in Motion several times for physiotherapy over the
last few months. I have always found the therapists and other staff to
be friendly, efficient, professional and accommodating. I would not
hesitate to recommend A Body in Motion to my friends.

Lynda M

When I started at A Body in Motion in October 2018 I was apprehensive to say the least. After have two major back surgeries in January and March of the same year and having major infection that required 6 weeks of IV medication at home I was beginning to think that I would never get back to feeling healthy again.

After my first assessment I knew I had come to the right place. They say when you walk into a house you know if it is the right one as it will feel like home, that is how I felt walking into A Body in Motion. From the front staff who always have a smile and greet you with a welcome hello, to all of the physiotherapist who take time to listen and make the right individual plan for you, to the staff who make sure you are doing your exercises to maximize your performance. You are treated like family.

Each week after leaving my sessions I feel stronger and more hopeful that I will return to work and my lifestyle that I once had. I know I wouldn’t be where I am without A Body in Motion. Thank you just isn’t enough!

Cheryl H

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I had a workplace accident plus shortly thereafter an MVA. With other medical procedures that needed to be performed, I was also instructed to have many appointments for physiotherapy.  I placed a call to A Body in Motion. I was kindly spoken to by “Trudy” the office manager. She has the sweetest voice and knew exactly what I needed, and who to put me with with respect to a physiotherapist.

I was booked fairly quickly, as she could tell I was in a lot of pain. I was told what information to bring. A couple days later, I arrived at Body in Motion. Was greeted and filled in the necessary information. A lovely young physiotherapist by the name of Jennifer came to see me for my assessment What a “Gem” of a girl. They had such empathy towards my situation, very professional. A game plan was set up for me involving traction, soft tissue movement, electrodes, ultrasound heat, ice and exercises. I would be sent home with a copy of exercises to do on my own. All this was explained to me with ease.

This group of professionals or as I call them my “Team of ANGELS” spent countless hours, sending faxes, phone calls, filling out progress notes, intervention notes, calls to me to make sure I was okay.

They were a shoulder to cry on when I was in such pain. As for now I am well, back at work full-time at my profession all because of this team. You know life has curves and bumps, some are good, and some are bad. If I did not have this bad curve, I would have not met these wonderful Team of Angels. So, for that being said I am grateful for this I cannot thank them enough.

Carole R

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I went to A Body in Motion because it was close to me, geographically.  I stayed there, through ongoing and varied difficulties over a long time, because of the people that work there.  There’s a smile waiting for you every day you open the door to walk into the clinic, and a warm welcome. The people that work there are caring, knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging, and you’ll feel the personal connection, as I did. 

Physio is no fun, and I don’t know anyone who hopes for it, but I looked forward to my appointments every day. They won’t give up and are genuinely concerned about your progress and healing. Laughter, hard work and honestly together with being accepting of a tear or two, makes up the motivational and emotional package to go with the extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and to my way of thinking, these are all an essential part of a healing process. 

A Body in Motion has been an integral part of my return to good health, and I would recommend them to anyone serious about getting better

Laurie Lee M

Woman to Woman, Keri makes the journey of post-partum pelvic floor strength filled with compassion, optimist and support. Three things new mom’s need more than ever while they figure out life with a new baby and new body. Thank you, Keri for your professionalism, your ongoing energy, your excitement for working with pregnant and new moms and for genuinely feeling the love for your patients! You welcomed me (with my son alongside me) into your clinic and it has been wonderful.

Thank you Trudy for taking an interest in the lives of each patient who walks through the door. You not only know me, you have taken the time to ask about my family too. You are the face of a Body in Motion and I always look forward to seeing you!

Hayley B

I’ve been a repeat client of ABIM since 2002 and would say without question that Keri and Marli are two of the best in the business. The level of care I have received over the years is second to none. I’ve relied on the ABIM team to deal with injuries to my ankles, knees, elbows, hands, back and shoulders (hence the repeat client), often with unreasonable expectations … and they have never let me down.

This not your typical rehab clinic, they are constantly listening, evaluating and adapting treatment strategies to each client’s individual needs … But with a personal touch that instills both the trust and confidence in the process that is so important to any recovery.

Always positive, always professional and always committed to exceptional care, that’s A Body in Motion. Thanks for all the help over the years … I’m sure I’ll be back again!

Trevor W

A Body In Motion is a place clients can trust. My family has been going to and recommending Keri and her team for over 5 years.

Nadia helped my husband with a back injury that literally left him collapsed on the floor. They understood he owned his own business and created a recovery program so he could get up and moving while still operating his day to day business with minimal time off. He committed to his exercises several times a day and he saw the results.

My kids have gone in for various minor injuries and have worked with many ABIM physios to speed up their healing. The ABIM team have all been polite, knowledgeable and great with tweens and teens. They care, create relationships and most importantly fix up my kids so they can get back to competing in their respective sports.

I too have found myself in Physiotherapy after being in a minor car accident needing some guidance with my sore neck. I was quickly treated with the right exercises relieving all my pain after a few weeks.

As a family our experience at ABIM has been positive and effective and I will continue to recommend them to my family and friends.

Alison T

I have been receiving physiotherapy treatment from A Body In Motion on and off for well over 8 years now. The time, attention and care provided from each physiotherapist has by far exceeded my expectations. 

From the very beginning, a relationship built on trust respect and professionalism was established and that is why I continued my weekly sessions with the amazing team at A Body In Motion. The environment is very positive and that begins with the genuine welcoming from the front desk and surrounding areas. 

A Body In Motion is a place where I not only receive the best therapy but, also a place where I continually seek current advice for my medical condition. I am completely satisfied and will continue to receive physical therapy from the best in the business! Thank you.

Julie J

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