The Road to Healing May be Winding!

“The difference between the possible and the impossible lies in our determination”!

Healing our bodies has long been an unpredictable road to travel. There are often ups and downs, successes and set backs. Current research is extending our understanding on the role of support and its influence on healing. Physiotherapists empower and inspire clients by giving them support and providing the tools necessary to heal. By improving the healing experience, we are improving the health of our clients.

Physiotherapists are Primary Healthcare Providers which means that patients may see a physiotherapist as a first line of treatment. Physician referrals are not required to initiate physiotherapy treatment. Our role as supporters is extensive. We promote physical activity and overall health by incorporating injury prevention, managing acute and chronic conditions, activity limitations and participation restrictions. We utilize our skills to rehabilitate injury as well as the effects of disease or disability. We educate, plan and create support programs to prevent re-injury and we strive to support our patients in improving and maintaining functional independence and enhanced physical performance in all aspects of one’s life. Physiotherapists are here to support you along your healing path!

“Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey”



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