Let’s talk BMs and constipation with Pelvic PT Nadia (@pelvichealthharmony) ?

 ✨How are you pooping??✨

✨Constipation can be the most uncomfortable of all the digestive issues. It is responsible for multiple emergency and physician visits. Constipation mainly effects women and children and often is difficult to treat because there can be many different causes.

✨Some of these causes include:

•Hormonal changes (especially during pregnancy)
•Restriction/reduced coordination of pelvic floor muscles during defecation
•Anal fissures

✨The important factors in managing most forms of constipation is nutrition and overall diet! Eating 25-30 grams of fibre can increase the weight of your stool and speed up the pooping process! Of course, hydration is key! Getting enough water in throughout the day as well as physical activity can help with getting those bowels moving. How you are positioned on the toilet, stress, breathing pattern and pelvic floor muscle tone can all impact your bowels!

✨Here are a few things you can try to help with constipation:

•Avoid straining or holding your breath
•Allow yourself 5 minutes to try to have a bowel movement, if it doesn’t happen, try exiting the toilet and coming back 20-30 minutes later
•Place your feet up onto a stool (knees above your hips), bring your knees apart (wider than your hips)
•Try some deep breathing and spinal twists to get things moving

✨If you have any questions regarding all things poop, drop me a DM!
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