A Time For Growth

It is safe to say that humanity has been moved outside of their comfort zone over the past few months! Everyday life changed drastically and affected every individual in a different way! Our ABIM Team has come together to share their growth as they stepped outside of their comfort zone. We asked the question…”what have …

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Why Wait To Feel Better?

What Is All the Fuss About Telerehab? Many people are wondering “can virtual therapy really be an effective alternative to an in-office visit with a physiotherapist”? With the evolution of the COVID pandemic, telehealth has become a very popular topic in the world of healthcare. Patients cannot come to their practitioner due to social distancing …

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Happy Happy Easter Weekend to all! Our ABIM family is wishing everyone a safe, healthy and happy Easter season! We also want to thank the many people that continue to work on the front lines protecting us, keeping us healthy and caring for those who need them most! This will be a difficult weekend for …

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Monday Myth Busting!

This editorial from the British Journal of Sports Medicine highlights 10 common unhelpful beliefs about low back pain and outlines how they may influence behavioral/ psychological responses to pain. It has been said that “if we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”!!

Thursday Thoughts!

Pain can be life limiting and it is so important to remember that your current situation does not define your destiny. With encouragement, guidance and support, you have the ability to heal and begin a new chapter. We are here to help you down your healing path!

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