With Breast Cancer Awareness month coming to an end, we wanted to provide some information regarding physiotherapy and recovery from breast surgery. Many patients who are on a breast cancer journey are required to have some type of surgery as part of their treatment plan. As with other surgeries, breast surgery or radiation can come with side effects that can respond well to physiotherapy. ⁣

⁣According to Dr. Miral Amin a Surgical Oncologist and Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon physiotherapy after breast surgery can help with lymphedema, improving range of motion and pain.⁣

⁣Oftentimes lymph nodes are removed or damaged during breast surgery. This can cause swelling in the area and can be uncomfortable. A physiotherapist or massage therapist can help reduce pain related to lymphedema by using techniques to help fluid move back into the system and decrease swelling and discomfort.⁣

⁣As with other surgeries, breast surgery or radiation can affect the range of motion a patient has. After surgery arm movement may be uncomfortable or reduced. A physiotherapist can provide education on gentle exercises that will help a patient heal and regain movement and strength.⁣

⁣Oftentimes breast surgery will result in pain and tightness in the surrounding area. It can be very helpful to meet with a physiotherapist to learn about what movements and exercises will help reduce the pain and in time help you regain strength in your chest and arms.⁣

⁣Once you’ve had a chance to speak with your doctor about when to start a post-surgical physiotherapy program, please feel free to reach out to us at A Body In Motion Rehabilitation if you would like information about how a physiotherapist can be a helpful part of your care team.⁣


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