A Match Made in Fitness!

Happy Thursday everyone! We would love to introduce you to Emma! Emma and her family have long been a part of our ABIM family and we have watched her evolve through sport for many years! You may have even seen her spending time at our clinics volunteering as a “physio in the making”! Emma’s passion, commitment, and dedication to doing sport “the right way” has always caught our attention and A Body In Motion will be supporting Emma as she continues to work towards competing in the Crossfit Games! Our goal is to provide Emma with the tools that she needs to remain injury free and to provide support along her journey!! We will be cheering Emma on this coming weekend as she competes in the UG Games in Collingwood! Best of luck Em!! @emma.lawson_5 @mammothtrainingmethods

Emma Lawson is 14 years old with a strong passion for CrossFit. She was introduced to the sport at the age of 7 after watching her parents at the local box. Prior to CrossFit Emma was a competitive dancer for 10 years.

Emma trains 6 days a week with her coach Josh Woolley of Mammoth Training Methods and CrossFit PSC in Kitchener. Her programming includes weight lifting, gymnastics movements, running and swimming. Her competitive successes include a 2nd place finish at the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival in Miami in January, 2019 and most recently qualified for the CrossFit games in the teen girls 14-15 year old division which will be held in Madison, Wisconsin August 2019.

Outside of the gym Emma loves school, participating in sports teams and spending time with family.

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