Be The Change You Want to See In Our World!

I was honored to have been invited by Diva International Inc to a private screening event of the feature length documentary film, “Pandora’s Box” last evening. In an effort to summarize a film that has forever changed me, and not fail to give it the incredible justice that it deserves, I quote the makers themselves. This film “takes us on a global journey through India, Uganda, the UK, and North America to explore the cultural and social subjugation of people who menstruate. Pandora’s Box asks us to lift the lid on menstruation and truly consider how eliminating period stigma can help create gender equality”.

As a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, I know first-hand, the shame associated with menstruation, the fear and embarrassment that comes with discussing our bodies, and the impact that viewing very natural bodily functions in a negative light can have. I chose my career with the promise to abolish the taboos and educate in a way that gives people the confidence to use their voice, to own their bodies, and to have healthy experiences when discussing their sexual health, reproductive health, and overall pelvic health.

I have the privilege of working closely with Diva International Inc and their incredible CEO and Co-Founder Carinne Chambers-Saini as well as her incredible team. During one of our efforts, I was asked Aine Corby and Cate Martin Newnham (Producers of Pandora’s Box) if I would share my passion to see change in the world of women’s health and write a letter to support the need for education to end period poverty. I imploded at the chance to beg, plead and justify the need for the world to stop whispering and start talking! At that time, I could never have imagined what Aine, Cate, Carinne and their magical teams were about to embark on…and deliver!

This film is nothing short of an epic breakthrough documentary. It is true, raw, fierce, and explosive! It illuminates the critical need for change in our world with respect to menstruation, women’s health and gender equality. Pandora’s Box has opened my eyes to just how abominably this crisis impacts our world, our country, our communities right here at home! Thank you Diva International Inc and Media One Creative Inc and everyone involved in the creation of Pandora’s Box. I have no doubt that this film will change the world! @pandorasbxfilm @carinne.chambers.saini #endperiodpoverty #pandorasboxfilm #menstrualequity #ABIM #pelvicphysio #stopwhisperingstarttalking


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