Happy International Women’s Day!

Today and everyday, I celebrate the wonderful women that are an incredibly important part of my ABIM family. The women that represent everything that I have ever hoped for in the pursuit to create an environment the embraces compassion, determination, strength, perseverance, support and a sense of true belonging! These women bring their everything…everyday…with the common goal of taking care of those who have placed their healing in our hands! In an effort to introduce you to these wonderful women, I asked each of them this question…”What does International Women’s Day mean to you?” and this is what they had to say…


“A reminder that we should all live courageously and graciously building one another up through love, kindness and joy.” Jen


“This day brings us all together and reminds us of the community of amazing women we have to look up to, both young and old. There is still a lot to achieve but even being able to celebrate women’s accomplishments is a huge step in the right direction!” Danielle


“International Women’s day to me, means a day to celebrate the incredible women who are a part of my life and who make a difference in the world every single day by being brave, strong, full of love, and incredible role models” Karissa


“Celebrating all the amazing and courageous women in my life; mothers, sisters, friends and coworkers, who I am so blessed to be surrounded by” Laura


“International women’s day means celebrating and supporting an empire of women who don’t quit and emulate true compassion and fight for equality!” Nadia


“A day to celebrate women’s achievements in history, and a reminder to dedicate time to our own personal empowerment.” Melissa J.


“A chance to reflect upon the strength, determination, patience, acceptance and support that I feel each and everyday from the incredible tribe of women I have in my life.” Trudy


“To celebrate the wonderful women in our lives and the women who have given so much to make our world a better place.” Carolyn

International woman’s day is a day to celebrate the value of women: ranging from home makers to corporate executives and everything in between” Caitlinn


“I am a strong woman because I was raised by a strong woman.” Marli


“Solidarity” Mary Jane


“Celebrating women all over the world that have fought and continue to empower other people towards change for women’s rights and equality.” Thomas


“A day to recognize the importance of supporting each other and to continually build each other up in a world where it is so easy to fall victim to stereotypes and discrimination.” Lindsay


“A reminder of how unstoppable we can be if we build each other up instead of breaking each other down.” Melissa E


“Women lifting women up.” Joleen

I am grateful to be surrounded, supported and guided by this amazing team! Happy International Women’s Day and always remember, “when women support each other, incredible things happen.” Keri

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