Having Surgery? Consider Pre and Post Rehab!

Post surgical rehab is a very common recommendation of many surgeons.  Post operative physiotherapy has many benefits, one of which is helping patients safely return to daily activity and normal exercise.  The physiotherapists at A Body In Motion Rehabilitation provide patients with a very thorough post surgical assessment and develop a treatment plan specific to their needs. 

The goal of post surgical physiotherapy is to help patients manage pain, regain their range of motion, reduce swelling and stiffness and help ease the anxiety that can come after surgery.  Your physiotherapist will answer questions you may have about post surgical pain, stitches, movement etc.  Sometimes due to surgery you will require assistance with daily tasks such as moving from a chair to your bed.  If you’ve had a hip or knee replacement you may need help from your physiotherapist to learn how to properly use a walker or cane for the first few weeks post surgery.  The benefits of physiotherapy after surgery include faster recovery, fewer complications and less anxiety.

What you may not know is that physiotherapy isn’t just for after surgery.  Many people are seeking “Pre Hab” before their surgical procedure.  Pre-surgery rehabilitation provides many benefits.  Oftentimes you have to wait months for a surgery date so why not use that time to get yourself in the best shape possible heading into your surgery?

 Physiotherapy prior to surgery often means patients recover faster and have more positive outcomes.  A pre surgery rehab program would start slowly so as not to aggravate the existing issue.  The treatment plan would focus on ensuring that muscles, bones and joints are in optimum condition prior to the surgery therefore reducing the impact of muscle loss and joint stiffness that occurs after surgery.  The stronger you are going into surgery the better chance you have of a faster, more successful recovery. 

Another great benefit to seeing a physiotherapist before your surgery is that it gives you the opportunity to learn about and practice using any assistive devices you might require for a short time post surgery.  For example, knowing how to properly use a walker to climb stairs or get out of bed prior to your surgery will ensure that you are well prepared and confident and therefore will reduce post surgical stress and allow for better, more effective healing.  Seeing a physiotherapist 6 to 8 weeks before your surgery is an excellent way to ensure you will benefit from a faster recovery and optimal outcomes!  If you are interested in pre or post surgical rehabilitation reach out to us at A Body In Motion Rehab to book an appointment.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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