Knee Pain Got You Down??

Have you ever had a nagging pain or clicking on the outside of your knee? Have you ever experienced pain running up and down the outer portion of your upper leg? If you are participating in activities which require you to repetitively bend your knee like walking long distances, cycling, hiking, or running, and you are feeling these symptoms, you may have iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome.

The ITB is a group of fibers running from the outside of the hip to the knee. A bursa (fluid filled sac) sits underneath the band, at the knee, to help it glide freely. If your ITB becomes tight, you may develop swelling and pain around the knee due to the friction being caused by the band rubbing on the bursa.

This injury often occurs secondary to insufficient stretching, wearing old footwear, downhill training, training on one side of the road only, improper rest between workouts, or pushing through pain.

The ortho physio team at ABIM can help! With education on stretching, soft tissue work, manual techniques, gait assessments, postural training, training schedule and footwear recommendations, and the development of an effective home program, your ITB syndrome will swiftly become a thing of the past! Visit our website to learn more about how we can help!! #ITBsyndrome#iliotibialband#iliotibialbandsyndrome#kneepain#runninginjuries#kneephysiotherapy#abodyinmotion#ABIM#physiotherapy#orthopedicphysioteam#TeamABIM#kwrehab#kwphysiotherapy#letushelp

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