Let’s Talk Pandemic Positives…Virtual Rehab You Say!

I want to chat all things pandemic positive!! I know that it is easy to think of all of the ways that COVID has impacted us negatively and trust me…I get it!! But…COVID brought about something fabulous at A Body In Motion! Our patients still needed us…and truth be told, we needed them too (probably more than they needed us)! So what does one do in crisis…WE GET TO WORK!!

We created a platform that would allow us to continue to treat patients but to do so safely, while meeting all privacy guidelines, in the comfort of their very own home!! And so Virtual Rehab at ABIM was brought to fruition!! We were able to assess and treat injuries, manage current treatment plans, provide education and support and truly do all the things that we have been doing for years…just without actual touch!

The feedback was fabulous and in fact, we continue to use Virtual Rehab on a daily basis. Not only for those who are not yet comfortable with in-clinic visits, but also for people who might have to travel a greater distance to get to us or people who have just found it more convenient to take a break from their work day in their home office and attend their appointment!

Many people ask what is involved in Virtual Rehab and so our physiotherapist Laura, and one of our patients, Derek decided to make a video to show people how Telerehab works! Derek had such great success with his virtual program that he jumped at the chance to spread the word and consented to sharing his experience! You can find their video at https://youtu.be/Yxxx9TyngaY or on our website under our “Telerehab Services” tab!

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