Not Just a Tennis Injury!!

Lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow presents as pain on the outside aspect of the elbow and occurs because of the overuse of the tendons in the forearm. These tendons are repetitively overloaded and eventually the result is pain in the elbow, the forearm, and/or the wrist. It is not just athletes that suffer with this painful condition. Any form of repetitive motion and stress on the tendons may result in tiny tears to the tendons that attach to your forearm muscles. Many people perform the same task consistently throughout their workday or with participation in sport and this may result in overuse of their tendons. Along with sport and occupation, age is a risk factor. Although tennis elbow can affect anyone, it is commonly seen in adults between the ages of 30 and 50 years (

Some common signs that you may have tennis elbow include pain with gripping an object, shaking hands, turning a doorknob, or holding your coffee cup! And a tell-tale sign is the application of pressure to the lateral epicondyle or the outside elbow bone. This area may become swollen and direct pressure will cause an immediate pain response. Inflammation is your body’s way of beginning to help the tissue repair.

Our physiotherapists have experience treating both acute tennis elbow as well as persistent conditions that have failed to heal over time and your treatment will always be tailored to you and your injury. Acute injuries will require the reduction of stress to the tissues and assistance with the active healing process that your body will have begun. Chronic injuries will suggest that your physiotherapist re-start the healing  process in a controlled and responsible manner and will include manual therapy, stretching, strengthening and the task of reintroducing you back into your occupation or sport with the goal of keeping you safe. We will also introduce modifications to prevent a re-occurrence of your injury in the future.

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