Our Greatest Possession!

How many times did you take your car in for an oil change last year? How many times did you have your car cleaned…maybe even detailed? If you’re like most people, you take your car into the shop on a regular basis, you sit in the waiting room waiting to find out what you owe, and you shell out the money, even after you process the amount of money your mechanic just asked for!

When it comes to our bodies, people seem to be reactive when asked about the maintenance of their greatest possession. We avoid seeing a healthcare professional until something is wrong…like really wrong! We will not see a physiotherapist or a massage therapist unless we are in pain and then, we balk at the thought of paying for the treatment…that same treatment that would leave us feeling so much better.

People often say to us “I wish that I would have met you years ago”! The reason for this is we welcome them, we sort out their movement dysfunction, we get them moving faster and better which ultimately means less injury and less pain. Sounds easy right? Yet people continue to wait until their body is just about to pull over to the side of the road and seize. How many people would let their car get to the point where they would have to call for a tow?

The world is full of places to purchase new, old and used cars! New, old and used bodies…not so much!! We get one…just one!! Let’s keep it on the road to wellness and avoid a break down…your body will thank you!


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