Rowan’s Law Day…Know the Signs of a Concussion!

Rowan Stringer’s death was preventable!

Rowan died in 2013, at age 17, of “second impact syndrome,” or catastrophic brain swelling, following a number of concussions she suffered playing rugby. Rowan’s Law ensures that young athletes, their parents and coaches, including those at school, are trained in concussion awareness and the dangers of head injuries and that sports clubs enact concussion codes of conduct as well as removal- and return-to-play protocols.

Our provincial government has launched the Hit. Stop. Sit. campaign with the strong hope of bringing awareness to the damage that concussions can cause and empowering people with the education to recognize the signs and symptoms and then in turn manage those symptoms accordingly.

Our Vestibular therapists are a part of the treatment team involved in the proper management of concussions. Education is vital to and Rowan’s Law reminds us that the dangers of head injuries are very real! If you have experienced a head injury, please do not continue play…please Hit. Stop. Sit. and obtain assistance from those who are trained to help!

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