September Means Back to Routine…But How?

With the lazy days of summer a thing of the past, many of us are thinking about how to get ourselves motivated to get back to taking care of our bodies.  For some, a regular exercise or physiotherapy routine was put on hold for trips to the cottage and lazy days in the sun!  Now that fall has arrived it’s time to get back to your healthcare routines, but how do we regain our motivation after 2 months of summertime fun? According to Hayley Perlus, Ph.D and sports performance psychologist, there are three tips for revving up your motivation for the upcoming fall and winter months.

1.      Try to recall past experiences where you have had great success with your health and fitness goals.  For example, if you’ve taken some time off from your physiotherapy for the summer and want to get back to it, think of how strong and healthy you felt while you were adhering to your treatment plan.  The goal is to think of a time when you tackled a challenge and harness that thought.  Use that feeling of strength to get started on new goals or to resume the ones that were left back in spring.

2.      Next Dr. Perlus recommends finding a role model.  Whether it be your physiotherapist, a trainer, coach, friend or your favourite YouTuber, finding someone who resonates with you and your goals can help motivate you to get started and stick with it! If you’re trying to get yourself back on track with your physiotherapy goals, don’t hesitate to ask your physio for some helpful tips and recommendations for great fitness or nutrition role models.

3.      Finally, Dr. Perlus strongly recommends having an accountability partner.  As we all know, it’s very easy to talk ourselves out of a workout or cooking up a healthy meal after a long work day.  Choose a person who cares about you to remind you how important your workout is or how much better you’ll feel after a healthy meal.  Having good emotional support will help boost your efforts. Our ABIM team is here for you!

Whether you’re trying to eat healthier, get back to working out or just trying to get motivated to resume your fall routine try these tips to get you started!

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