What Do Your Feet Have to Do With COVID?

Hi…how are your feet?

A random question…yes, maybe but it seems that our feet are also being affected by COVID! Just yesterday, Brooklyn Neustaeter, a writer with CTV News released an article suggesting that working from home is creating an increase in foot pain and foot injuries! We immediately thought of the number of times that people have reported kicking the post of the bed while working in their home “office”/bedroom however it seems that “some doctors say they have seen an increase in Canadians reporting foot pain and injuries amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with more people staying home and not wearing shoes” (CTV News, Jan. 18, 2021).

It is true that proper footwear can prevent aches and pains in the arches of the feet, the heels, the ankles, the knees, the hips, and even the low back. With working from home, many people are going days without putting on a pair of shoes! Not only do our shoes provide support but they also protect the feet from inanimate objects (like the bed post) as well as stress fractures, strains and sprains, bruises and plantar fasciitus.

Our physiotherapy team is here to help with your foot pain! So if you have a closet full of shoes that have not been out of the house, and sore feet to show for it, let us help! And if you are not quite comfortable with having your shoes or yourself visit our clinics, we are offering virtual appointments to help with your pain, right in the comfort of your own home! Give us a call…your feet will thank you!

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