Do You Have a Pain in the Neck…and No We Don’t Mean Homeschooling!

Did you know?

  • *Neck pain is the fourth leading cause of disability worldwide.
  • *With a lifetime prevalence of 71%, most adults can expect to experience an attack at some point during their lifetime.
  • *During any six-month period, 54% of adults suffer from neck pain and 4.6% experience important activity limitations.
  • *The prevalence of neck pain peaks in middle age and it is more common in women.
  • *Every year, 213 per 1000 persons develop neck pain and 6 per 100,000 will experience a cervical spine disc herniation with radiculopathy.
  • *The risk factors for neck pain include genetics, poor psychological health, and previous musculoskeletal pain.

Our necks have an excessively big job! The weight of the average human head is 11lbs and when we are upright, our neck takes on the responsibility of holding that head up. Neck pain may present in several ways including sharp pain, dull aching pain, pain that increases with certain head positions, muscle tightness and spasms, tingling or numbness traveling down the arms and headaches.

Neck pain can occur for several reasons:

  • Poor posture
  • Repetitive motions
  • Sports injuries
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Arthritis
  • Pinched nerves
  • Poor sleep posture
  • Poor ergonomic set-up
  • Teeth grinding
  • Disc injury
  • Narrowing of the spaces between the vertebrae

How can we help…with the neck pain…not the homeschooling?

Physiotherapists are movement specialists. The most important part of your assessment with your physiotherapist is determining what is causing your neck pain. Treatment techniques may include gentle stretching, mobilizations, manipulations, traction, nerve mobilization, the development of a stretching and strengthening program, postural education, patient reassurance, education on setting up your surroundings whether it be work related or activity related, and pain control. We are here to help! Please do not live with pain!

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