Product Confusion Got You Down?

@pelvicphysiobylaura Marketing around women’s health products can be very confusing, and I find so many women come into my office and say “they just use a panty liner” for leaking. But often they have no idea that not all pads are created equally and that there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between pads for menstruation and pads for incontinence.


Incontinence pads are designed to absorb more water then menstrual pads, which makes them much better at dealing with urine leaks.  By absorbing the urine more effectively, these pads prevent skin breakdown and irritation. Other options for incontinence management include; undies, liners and supports for prolapse

🩸Menstrual pads are designed only for when you have your period. If that isn’t your thing you can also use tampons, menstrual cups or period undies.


 The easiest way to tell the difference is that they are in different aisles (at least at my shoppers). Pay close attention to the box before you purchase the pads.. they should say somewhere what they are for, even if it’s in teeny tiny writing on the side..


Still confused and hate pads?? Come see a pelvic floor physio and we can help fix your incontinence so you never have to worry about which one is which!

Laura Holland, Pelvic Physiotherapist

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