Pelvic Physio Nadia Talks Bladder Irritants!

@pelvichealthharmony ?FYI: What you drink and eat can negatively impact your bladder!

Have you ever reduced the amount of water you were drinking in hopes that it will stop you from going to pee every hour? ?

Have you ever stopped drinking water altogether to prevent leakage? While the decrease in liquid reduces the overall volume of urine, it doesn’t actually help with reducing frequency or leakage??‍♀️. ?The urine in your bladder may actually become more concentrated and can cause irritation of the inner lining of your bladder. The higher the concentration of urine, the increased likelihood of infections. More infections means more trips to the bathroom, and more instances of leakage. ?

Here are just a few examples of bladder irritants:

•All types of alcoholic beverages

•All kinds of caffeinated beverages

•Carbonated drinks

•Sugar and artificial sweeteners

•Citrus fruits

•milk products

•spicy foods

•Tomato based products


Keep in mind, every body is different and tolerance to these irritants may vary. I know it can be difficult to part ways with some of the items listed above (coffee for me ??‍♀️). It may be worth eliminating or reducing just a few to try out what works for you! Comment below if you would have a hard time parting ways from some of these irritants! ?

Nadia ?

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