Team ABIMs Top 10 Posture Facts!!

We are always talking about how important it is to have fabulous posture! Stand up tall, shoulders back, chin tucked! Why is posture so important? Here’s our favorite top 10 posture facts that will make you want to stand up tall and take notice!

1.There is no one single “perfect posture”. In fact, there is no strong evidence to support that one specific posture is the answer to all your back pain woes! There is also no strong evidence to support that avoiding “incorrect postures” will prevent back pain!

2. The spine is strong and robust and is more than capable of bearing loads and moving safely in several different postures. There is not only “one way to lift”.

3. Your posture can reflect your mood or your beliefs and can also depict your thoughts on body image. Some people adopt postures that feel safe and protect them from feeling vulnerable while other postures might exude confidence and security.

4. Poor postural alignment is the leading cause of headaches that result from strain placed on the neck muscles.

5. Digestive issues can surface because of poor posture. If organs are compressed, the digestive system might move more slowly resulting in a slower metabolism.

6. Good posture increases your lung capacity and can help you breathe better and breathing better just makes everything better!

7. Efficient use of muscles results when bones and joint are in correct alignment. Efficiently used muscles mean less fatigue and more energy!

8. Significant balance improvements can occur with small postural adjustments and this can reduce the risk of falls.

9. Simply correcting your posture can enhance the quality of your life and overall health. Good posture promotes movement efficiency and endurance and contributes to an overall feeling of well-being.

10. A comfortable posture results in greater productivity and who does not want to feel great and be more productive!

And that’s a wrap!!

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