We Are On The Move!!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I hope that this post finds you all safe, healthy, and staying cool! I think that we can all agree that 2020 has been unlike any year in our recent past. I know personally, a world-wide pandemic was not on my radar for this year! What was on my radar was opening a fabulous new clinic that would continue to offer the absolute best orthopedic physiotherapy and massage therapy as we head into 20 years of A Body In Motion Rehab! And even more exciting, this new clinic would introduce the very first Pelvic Physiotherapy Centre in our Region.

My goal was to bring together an exceptional team to collaborate and to provide pelvic physiotherapy in an inclusive, warm, and supportive environment. The Centre will house a talented team of pelvic healthcare professionals who have undergone extensive training in this field. With several years of combined experience and ongoing continuing education, we have the expertise to provide the absolute best pelvic treatment.

The Centre will allow for efficient, effective, and innovative treatment and will structure a collective action towards our client’s care needs. It will allow for cooperation, communication, mutual trust, respect, and support among our team, allowing us to provide the absolute best care to all our clients. Our team sees great value in working together as our common goal gives us meaningful reason to collaborate.

ABIM’s Pelvic Physiotherapy Centre will offer an inclusive environment. Our aim of inclusion is to embrace all people irrespective of race, age, gender, disability, medical or other need. We will provide a safe and welcoming clinic, where comfort, support and encouragement will play a key role in all our treatments. Our treatment rooms will move away from that of a clinical setting to a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere and will not require travel through a bustling clinic. You will most definitely belong here!

So…I was all set for an April opening and well…COVID has different plans for us! However, in order to make it through these crazy times, I decided that it was important to look for “pandemic positives”! Maybe we needed a little more time to make the clinic even better! And I could not be more proud and more excited to share this space with all of you!

We will officially say goodbye to 70 Victoria Street on July 30th and will open our doors at 289 Victoria Street on Tuesday, August 4th at 6:00am! I always like to landmark location so you will find the new clinic just south of Lancaster Street next to the Pepsi sign that has long hung out in front of Jimmy’s Lunch (a fabulous little diner I am told)!

I cannot wait to welcome you into our new space and just a reminder, if you are still not quite comfortable with in-clinic visits, we are continuing to offer virtual therapy! To learn more about pelvic physiotherapy, please do visit our website at www.abodyinmotion.ca. There is a slew of information available! You can also follow our social media where we you will find all kinds of pelvic physio education! We are on Facebook (A Body In Motion Rehabilitation), Instagram (@abodyinmotionrehab) and Twitter (@abodyinmotion1).

Much love and gratitude, Keri xo

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