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What Is All the Fuss About Telerehab?

Many people are wondering “can virtual therapy really be an effective alternative to an in-office visit with a physiotherapist”? With the evolution of the COVID pandemic, telehealth has become a very popular topic in the world of healthcare. Patients cannot come to their practitioner due to social distancing so…let’s bring the practitioner to the patient…and right in the comfort of their own home. Although this is a relatively hot topic, virtual rehab is not a new concept. People who live in remote areas, as well as those with mobility issues, have participated in phone consultations or video chats with their healthcare providers for many years.

Injuries that muscular, skeletal or soft tissue can be treated in the virtual setting as well as post-surgical patients and those who suffer with chronic pain. In fact, any injury that inhibits movement can be improved using a Telerehab platform. Physiotherapists are trained to evaluate based on function and movement patterns and can note inhibited range of motion through careful visual evaluation. As movement specialists, PTs can detect dysfunction through visual inspection. As well, PTs are “detectives” trained to listen very carefully to patient’s descriptors and ask the proper questions to determine how best to treat their patients. There is an incredible attention to detail that comes from virtual conversations.

Virtual appointments are “incredibly focused” and are uber efficient. Physiotherapists will home in on the problem that needs to be addressed and immediately go to work. More so than traditional care, virtual care includes a vast educational component. Patients are taught to identify with their symptoms, connect those symptoms to movement or activity and then self-manage those symptoms by way of the education and guidance provided by their PT. Virtual PT will actually provide a greater degree of personal attention and patients are ecstatic about the undivided attention that Telerehab is delivering. Ultimately, this is setting the foundation for long term healthcare benefits.

Many patients are concerned that they are not “tech-savvy” enough to participate in a virtual session. All that is needed is WIFI access and a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Our telehealth platform is designed to be intuitive and very user-friendly. Even our less tech-savvy users have been ecstatic about the ease and convenience of our virtual platform and the ability to schedule appointments quickly enables a “PT first” approach. Along with a very user-friendly platform, we are here to guide you through the set up, every step of the way.

Now is the perfect time to begin your healing journey! Convenient, stress-free and the undivided attention of your physiotherapist to guide you and educate you towards total body health. Whether you are experiencing acute pain, chronic pain, pelvic conditions, or vestibular concerns, virtual rehab can be life changing and it can happen now! Visit www.abodyinmotion.ca and click on our “Telerehab Services” tab to learn more!

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