Bowel Health is So Important!

Hippocrates once said “all disease begins in gut” which confirms that bowel health has long been on the minds of those who study health and the maintenance of a healthy body. Our pelvic health physiotherapists work with those who suffer with bowel issues and the pain associated with those issues. Happy bowels…happy life!–wKSmR8VnQWWkF-gkdE

Pelvic Physio and C section Scars!

The Journal of Women’s Health has released a study that shows that scar mobilizations and soft tissue work, post C section, are working to reduce pain and improve the health of our new moms. Visit our Pelvic Physiotherapy tab on our website to learn more about pre and post natal care.

Let’s Talk Pelvic Health!

Keri is excited to talk all things pelvic this evening at Fitness 360! We have a fabulous team of Pelvic Physiotherapists at A Body In Motion! Visit our website at to learn more! Happy Thursday everyone!

Taking Care of Baby AND Mom!

Self care is such an incredibly important part of pregnancy however most women abandon this once baby is born. All effort shifts to focus any available energy on the care of their new bundle of joy. Research is strongly supporting the recognition of the “4th Trimester” and the importance of taking care of our moms …

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