vestibular physiotherapy

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today and everyday, I celebrate the wonderful women that are an incredibly important part of my ABIM family. The women that represent everything that I have ever hoped for in the pursuit to create an environment the embraces compassion, determination, strength, perseverance, support and a sense of true belonging! These women bring their everything…everyday…with the …

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The Benefits Are Endless! #physiomoves

Albert Einstein once said “nothing happens until something moves”! It has been proven time and again that movement is the key to creating change in your physical, emotional and mental health! As physiotherapists, our goal is to understand how and why movement takes place and utilize this knowledge to restore, maintain and optimize function! At …

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Vestibular Rehab For Children? Absolutely!

Is your child falling frequently? Complaining of dizziness? Having difficulty in school with math or reading? Showing signs of slow or impaired language? These symptoms and others listed below may indicate a vestibular deficit. The vestibular system, or balance system, develops early in utero and is nearly complete by 5 months gestation.  This system facilitates …

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