Even The US Surgeon General is a Huge Fan of Physiotherapy!

“Physical therapists are key to overcoming not only the opioid epidemic but in creating healthier societies,” Adams said. “Know that you have no bigger fan than the United States surgeon general.” http://www.apta.org/PTinMotion/News/2019/1/23/SurgeonGeneral/?_zs=CKN3X1&_zl=VUiT5&fbclid=IwAR2pcyP5YZHPlXysYkKN__9JV7829zK5mLvBRYExHkyLFj7WaCKP3M4unMU

Take Your Life Back!

Pain changes our life in so many ways and keeps us from living life to the fullest. Physiotherapists are movement specialist and have the knowledge, the skill and most importantly the determination and compassion to help you regain control of the life that you are missing! We are able to treat all body parts and …

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Say “NO” to Pain Meds…

And say “YES” to physiotherapy!! http://www.centraljersey.com/health/new-study-proves-early-physical-therapy-reduces-opioid-use/article_338cf507-2bc2-505a-a105-1bdf564de0dd.html?fbclid=IwAR10jpx5YtiLzgRvdS1dvp3sPGp0ofggq2JAb2n4nXXNO7HNVnEqx1ve6sA

A Case of The Blues?

Is the dreary weather stealing your thunder? Get moving and let exercise bring a “spring” to your step! https://www.kitchenertoday.com/local-news/the-simple-ways-everyone-can-skip-the-blues-this-winter-season-1187541

Welcome to 2019!

A new year always brings excitement and anticipation at A Body In Motion! We will celebrate 18 years in business this year and are so excited about some of the fabulous changes that will take place as the clinics continue to grow and evolve! We love to celebrate change and growth but we do so …

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Join Our Team and Start 2019 Off On The Right Foot!!

A Body In Motion is growing again and we are looking for a very enthusiastic and motivated Registered Physiotherapist to become a part of our team! We would love the opportunity to meet those individuals interested in either part-time or full-time employment. Currently Registered Physiotherapists, as well as new graduates are encouraged to apply. Start …

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